Therapeutic Facials

Niks Shop Salon is more than a retail outlet. Armed with three well-appointed facial treatment rooms and well-trained facialists, it offers therapeutic facials using Niks products, in Niks' best medical skin care tradition. Call our Orchard outlet at 62380398 or our Jurong East outlet at 67767828 for your appointment!

                For All Skin Types

A                 Therapeutic Facial for Her/Him

Basic but high-quality facial treatment to improve your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Version for men appropriately fine-tuned for thicker skin and slower absorption of nutrients and anti-oxidants. 60/75 min.

B                 Advanced Eye Treatment

Relax the muscles around the eyes, increase hydration and improve dark eye circle. 30 min.


For Oily/Acne Prone Skin

C                 Acne & Comedone Treatment

Safe and helpful facial to handle those difficult acnes and comedones. 75/90 min.    

D                 Scar Fading Facial

Facial to fade marks and scars. Regular treatments advised for rapid improvement. Free eye treatment included. 75/90 min.

E                Chest or Back Intensive Acne & Scar Clearing 

Intensive treatment peels to speed up lightening. 45 min.


For Dry/Sensitive Skin

F                 Moisture Surge Hydrating Facial

Helps dehydrated, dry or eczematous skin. Free eye treatment included. 75/90 min.

G                Anti- Inflammatory Soothing Facial

Facials with products aimed at calming irritated skin. 75 min.


For Mature/Photo-Damaged/Dull Skin

H                 Facial for Hyperpigmentation

Whitening facial to relieve hyperpigmentation. 75/90 min.

I                  Rejuvenating & Firming Facial

Designed to improve and repair thinning and damaged collagen and elastin. Regular sessions improve fine lines and slow down aging. 90 min.

J                 Anti-Aging & Photo-Damage Facial

This facial is designed to improve and repair thinning and damaged collagen and elastin. Regular treatments improve fine lines and slow down aging. 90 min.


                  Advanced Professional Facials

K                Lactic Acid Peel        

Suitable for problem and acne prone skin. Also ideal for aging and photo-damaged skin. 75/90 min.

L                Microdermabrasion with Luxury Facial

Lots of comedones and acne scars? Very dull and lifeless skin? Try a course of Microdermabrasion to see the change in the texture of your skin. 90 min.